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Step-by-step guide

How Does it Work?

Reinvent Your Closet and Sell With Us

Step 1.

Complete the Sell Now form to consign with us. Ensure that you have read the acceptance criteria stated in our Consignment Terms and Conditions.

Step 2.

Next, our team will review your items. If they have been provisionally accepted, you will be provided with a quotation.

Step 3.

Once you agree, Garderobe will collect the items for free. Please note that all items must be dry-cleaned with no stains, odours or faults i.e. no holes, no buttons missing, no loose hems, no pulls in the material etc. If you are consigning with us for the first time, we require a minimum of 5 items (exception to this can be made if you submit a Classic Item or another High Value Item).

Step 4.

Once Garderobe receives and inspects your item, you will be notified of the actual price. Please note that Garderobe reserves the right to reject your item as per our terms and conditions once they have been received. If your item is rejected at this stage, it will be returned to you at your own cost.

Step 5.

Next, Garderobe will photograph your items, list and market them on our online platforms and display them in-store.

Step. 6

Lastly, after your item sells, you will receive a payment. 

Payment and Commission

80% - 85%


Exotic Chanel/Hermes Bags

Classic Chanel/Hermes Bags




Limited Edition Bags/Jewellery

Fine Jewellery & Watches


70% Recent Collection - Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes
65% - 70% Items with a resale value of AED 5,500 - AED 15,500
60% - 65%

Items with a resale value of AED 1,500 - AED 5,499


Items with a resale value of AED 100 – AED 1,499