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Discount Codes

Discount Codes Terms and Conditions

  1. The discount code: applies to first time orders below 10,000 AED (Please note, this code is applicable for selected items only)
  2. Special items may be excluded from this promotion. Items that do not indicate discount eligibility clearly on the product page are excluded from this offer.
  3. Discount codes not redeemed upon checkout on the website are automatically forfeited.
  4. Garderobe reserves the right to cancel discounts deemed as erroneous or fraudulent.
  5. Only one discount code may be redeemed per order. Two discount codes cannot be applied to the same order. For example, "freeshipping2020" and "" cannot be applied to the same order.
  6. Free Shipping promotions apply for only "standard shipping" rates. Express and heavy shipping rates are not included in this promotion
  7. In the case of a return for an order shipped with the "freeshipping2020" promotion, shipping charges will be applied to the refund. The shipping charge will be deducted from the total amount refunded to the client in such cases.