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Garderobe’s Process In


Garderobe has been in the luxury resale business for almost a decade. Over the years we have built an authentication process in-house which enables our team to verify the authenticity of all the products we receive. We have adopted a painstaking process to ensure all products are certified as 100% authentic before we make them available for sale.

We also employ the services of third-party licensed authenticators as a way of providing an extra level of authentication for the products we sell. Special attention is given to high end luxury products, like fine jewellery, Hermes bags, exotic Chanel bags and similar products. We inspect each product for consistency with brand identity. The team is well versed in dealing with authenticity cards, stamp codes and serial numbers.

In the rare case where an item sold by Garderobe is proved to be inauthentic (by means of a written document from the original brand), Garderobe will issue a full refund. Items submitted for consignment that are found to be counterfeit or inauthentic, are fined a fee of AED 200 per item. This serves as a way of discouraging the submission of inauthentic items for consignment.

For Our Most Popular Brands

Quick Authentication Tips

Please note that the below tips are in-exhaustive and are simple guidelines meant for informative purposes. Typically, authentication is a thorough process and varies from product to product. These are by no means a set formula for authentication.


A quick way to see if the authenticity card is genuine is to see how many numbers make up the code. If the bag was made between 1984 and 1986 it will feature 6 digits, if it was made between 1986 and 2004 it will feature 7 digits, and if was made from 2005 onwards it will feature 8 digits. Currently Chanel does not issue authenticity cards with 9 digits or more.

Check to make sure the interior label says CHANEL printed in foil to match the colour of the handbag's hardware. It should be evenly spaced and centered. The leather of choice on many Chanel bags is lambskin which should feel soft to the touch and have a visibly smooth appearance, another popular leather used by Chanel is caviar skin which is crafted from pebbled calf leather and are more textured when touched. There are other types of leather, which can be determined by careful inspection.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has exactly 5 stitches going across the handle tab, they make use of beeswax to strengthen the threads, which also makes sure that the colour and thickness of the threads remain consistent.

Check the stamp code situated inside the bag. The O’s are very round and look bigger than the L, the T’s almost touch each other, and the lettering is thin and crisp. All Louis Vuitton bags manufactured since 1991 make use of its heritage gold brass hardware with the “LV” logo.


Hermès bags are never sold with certificates to prove authenticity.

The bags can be found in a range of sizes including 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, and 45cm. A genuine Hermès bag is neat and pronounced when standing, without any slouching or bulges. The bag should also stand upright on its four base studs without falling over. The handles of the bag should stand straight without any bending.

The colours used by Hermès are unique and a sign of the quality of the bag. The colour of the bag can be a sign of its authenticity. It should never look like it is painted on and should also match perfectly to the unique colours used by Hermès.

Garderobe's Condition Guidelines


Item is completely new and store ‘fresh’ and comes with all inclusions like tag, box, dust bag, authenticity card, booklet.



Item is in "store fresh" condition. It has no detectable wear or defects and is in perfect condition. It looks, feels and smells the same as it did when it was purchased from the store. This item might have no inclusions at all or some missing inclusions (i.e. dust bag, box, tag, authenticity card, booklet)



Item is in near perfect condition and may have some minor wear. If there are any imperfections, they are barely visible. Any wear or imperfections would be fully described in the description of the bag and photos of any wear or imperfection will be included in the product shots.



Items may have some visible wear but remains in near excellent condition. Particularly good condition pieces are often older bags/items with signs of aging, such as very minor discoloration, wear and/or scratches which are fully described in the item description.



Items remains in good condition but has moderate imperfections that are visible. These imperfections could be from aging of the bag, regular wear and/or mild surface scratching.



Item has visible imperfections such as scratches, dents, discoloration, markings and/or tearing but still works perfectly.

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