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Clothing - By Price: Highest to Lowest

size: 40

Dhs. 13,000 Est. Retail

Dhs. 6,273

Pink Tweed Pearl Embellished Jacket

size: 36

Dhs. 13,220 Est. Retail

Dhs. 5,954

Black Pleated CC Buttoned Long Sleeves Blouse

size: Top - 40 * Skirt - 40

Dhs. 12,000 Est. Retail

Dhs. 5,268

Multicolor Abstract Print Top and Skirt Set

size: One size

Dhs. 15,258 Est. Retail

Dhs. 4,747

Pink Tweed Short Sleeve Jacket

Size: 36

Dhs. 38,550 Est. Retail

Dhs. 5,340
Now 18% Off - Dhs. 4,340

Chanel Black/Gold Dress with Stones on Buttons, Brooch and Cape on Shoulder

size: 40

Dhs. 10,650 Est. Retail

Dhs. 4,248

Neon Pink Oversized Shirt

size: 38

Dhs. 12,000 Est. Retail

Dhs. 4,248

Ivory Embroidered Top Skirt Set

Size: One Size

Dhs. 10,500 Est. Retail

Dhs. 4,035

Dolce & Gabbana
Pink Single Breasted Blazer with Rose Detail

size: Medium

Dhs. 6,400 Est. Retail

Dhs. 3,738

Cream Pleated Full Length Skirt with Gold Stripes

size: 40

Dhs. 10,000 Est. Retail

Dhs. 3,729

Dolce & Gabbana
White Fashion Devotion Double Breasted Peacoat

Size: 38

Dhs. 5,800 Est. Retail

Dhs. 3,425

Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent Moose Green Jacket

Size: 34

Dhs. 15,390 Est. Retail

Dhs. 3,230

Balenciaga Pink Off Shoulder Jacket