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Celine - By Created Date: Newest to Oldest

Size: Small

Dhs. 2,695 Est. Retail

Dhs. 2,695
Now 83% Off - Dhs. 442

Celine Navy Blue/WHite Stripe Detail Wide Long Sleeve Top

Dhs. 9,920 Est. Retail

Dhs. 9,920
Now 82% Off - Dhs. 1,730

Celine Burgundy/Olive/ Navy Blue Tricolor Leather and Suede Small Trapeze Top Ha

Size: 34

Dhs. 2,490 Est. Retail

Dhs. 2,490
Now 63% Off - Dhs. 900

Celine Yellow Pleats Sleeveless Long Top

Size: XS

Dhs. 5,100 Est. Retail

Dhs. 2,510

Celine Red/ Cream Oversize Slit Hoodie

Dhs. 8,760 Est. Retail

Dhs. 6,870
Now 8% Off - Dhs. 6,270

Celine Red Lambskin Leather Clutch Pouch